Tõnis Hinnosaar: Testimonials & Recommendations

As one of the early pioneers in the internet marketing industry in the Baltics, I have been active in online marketing and advertising since 2005, especially with affiliate marketing.
  • I played key roles at the first specialist internet marketing agency in Estonia (altex marketing) for many years until making an exit as a majority shareholder in 2014. This included getting the agency to meet superior Google standards and certified as first Google Adwords Qualified company in Estonia back in 2010.The quarterly ad spend requirement for Estonian agencies was then 100,000 USD which today has lowered to 10 000 USD.
  • I launched and direct the first affiliate network in the Baltics (Pay4results). 
  • AFI is the first specialist affiliate marketing agency in Estonia. Äripäev 2020 Marketing TOP
    awarded AFI with 2nd place in Estonia in digital marketing agencies category. Since then, AFI has placed as one of the TOP Marketing agencies every year.  
  • I have worked closely with brands such as Samsung, National Geographic, Adobe, GlassesUSA, HappySocks, Skype, Nike, Transferwise, Mobi Solutions, EAS, Kaup24, Viasat, Elion, Ferratum, Prestigio, Äripäev, Anttila, Sportlyzer, Molport, Vivus, IPF Digital, TF Bank, Bondora, Lelo, Getstyle, Bookinghouse, RD Electronics, Photopoint, Bwin.com, Opteck, IF, Kredito24, Olympic Casino, Smscredit, Fits.me, JYSK, Omniture, Fortumo, Studio Moderna, Jura, Parliament of Estonia, Inbank, Baltika Group, Klick, CVO, Bauhof, Archimedes, Webmedia, Credit24, Bigbank, Admiral Markets, SEB, Mogo, DLB, Quelle, Zone, Badoo, Best Marketing, TNT, Delonghi, MicroLink, Omaraha, Medemis, Ecolines, Reval Hotels, Triobet, Coop, Nicorex, Dorpat Hotel, Postimees, Arco Transport, Estonian Air, KSA, Sky Plus, Lux Express, Hansapost, K-Rauta, MarkIT, Euronics, Swedbank, 4Finance, Velvet, Visitestonia.com, Yoox, On24, Stenders, Delfi, RIMI and others. 
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Testimonials & Recommendations

Tõnis has high knowledge of online marketing, especially performance advertising and analytics. He is a trustworthy, knowledgeable and goal-oriented person and learns new things quickly. Good and serious partner and I recommend him to work with!
Andrei Korobeinik, Entrepreneur, Investor, Politician

In almost 20 years of doing business in the digital marketing space, I can count on one hand the people who have been 100% trustworthy, honest and diligent in keeping to agreements and commitments made with me. If you do business with Tõnis you can rest easy, he is one of those. A genuinely honourable man and a pleasure to do business with.
Robin Gurney, Digital Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur

“I’ve worked with Tõnis for years on many projects including Affiliate, PPC, SEO, and more. I could not be more impressed with his professionalism, communication skills and results-oriented attitude. His attention to detail, cost and project management is outstanding. Under his leadership, their team helped us bring steady customer stream and being truly very valued partner.”  Peter Lu, Digital Marketing Manager, Ferratum Group

Tõnis is well known digital expert in Estonia. He has been the leader in bringing the affiliate marketing to our market. If your aim is to get positive ROI – talk to Tõnis.
Rando Rannus, Co-founder, Smart AD

It always has been very productive and easy cooperation with Tõnis. Tõnis is extremely goal oriented, definitely will seek for the best of the best solutions. If there are any client needs to get the right audience at the right time – the most suitable solution will be found or created especially for you …:)Sniedzite Vilmane, Digital Marketing Manager, Samsung

Tõnis is positive and customer-oriented. He has provided valuable insight into the inner workings of affiliate programs and motivations of publishers. While heading marketing at 4finance I had regular business with Tõnis as he lead one of the main affiliate networks in Baltics. His positive attitude and professionalism made it easy to work with him on continuously growing our (and his) business.Reins Grants, Chief Marketing Officer, Sonarworks

I have known Tõnis and his work for a number of years. His work is of the highest order and comes from a very complete understanding of the new media.
David Phillips, Author, Online Public Relations Strategist

I worked with Tõnis on several digital marketing projects in Estonia and Lithuania. It was a smooth cooperation based on effective communication, trust and high competence. Tõnis remains as one of the best digital contacts in Estonia. I recommend him for Lithuanians who plan a market entry to Estonian market.
Vladas Sapranavičius, Digital Transformation Expert, Owner, MB Webconsulting

Tõnis Hinnosaar is one of the founders of affiliate marketing in the Baltics. For many years he has been a reliable partner for our company in the field of performance marketing and has always delivered excellent service. He has deep knowledge of various fields of online marketing and is always helpful and honest. I recommend him and his company’s services highly.Svea-Elen Peters, Chief Marketing Officer, Ajakirjade Kirjastus AS

It was interesting to read the analysis and it was worth the price. There are lots of things we can do now basing our actions on the information supplied.
Rain Rannu, Co-Founder, Mobi Solutions & Fortumo

Tõnis was always hands-on and able to translate the jargon and fads to tangible results. During my time at Aqris, he was my go to contact with regards to internet marketing services at Altex.Oliver Wihler, Co-founder and Manager, Aqris Software AS

Tõnis belongs in Estonia among experienced internet marketers, who have managed to offer great cooperation experience for years. I strongly recommend his new agency in the affiliate marketing sector. Not only you should pay attention to the company called AFI, but you should also request proposals from them!Hanno Kindel, CEO, OMD Estonia

Tõnis is a true professional in online advertising. He is a precise and wise businessman.Istvan Ban, Member of the board, Baltic Business Partners

Tõnis is a great marketing professional with a vast experience in online and affiliate marketing. He is also one of the affiliate marketing pioneers in the Baltics and a well-recognised expert in this area. Tõnis is a responsible and goal-driven person and supportive team member. I had the pleasure to work with Tõnis at Tallinn University, where I invited him to give lectures to students as a guest lecturer, and course participants appreciated greatly his practical experience, supportive attitude and competence. I recommend Tõnis as a highly skilled professional to any organisation requiring online and affiliate marketing expertise.
Dr. Ivar Soone (Ph.D.), Experienced Marketing Expert, Consultant

Tõnis has been teaching students at Estonian Business School in several semesters. We value his contribution a lot as he has always brought his deep practical experience into the classroom setting. He is an inspiring and good presenter.
Katri Kerem, Professor of Marketing at Estonian Business School

As a publisher, I have interacted with Tõnis for several years for various media campaigns and his understanding, knowledge in online media is very much evident with the intelligent queries that come from him. His interpersonal interaction is cordial and anyone would like to have a continuous business relationship with him.
John Keats, Chief Sales Officer, 123Greetings.com

Tõnis has been a speaker at several Pärnu conferences. He is an expert in digital marketing, a great speaker and provides fantastic content with practical real-world examples. I highly recommend anyone to use his expertise in this field.
Toomas Tamsar, President, International Coach Federation, Estonian Chapter

Tõnis is old fish in the marketing and advertising industry. A quick thinker who acts fast – exactly what’s needed in sales promotion. He always listens to client until the end and only then speaks. And then it is wise for you to listen to him, I recommend.
Henrik Aavik, CEO, Applaud

Tõnis is innovative, independent thinker and a true professional of Internet businesses. He is capable not only to create new ideas but also to execute them with full success.Ieva Honkanen, Architecture and Project Management professional

Tõnis is experienced customer-centric, data-driven and solution-seeking marketer. He has strong knowledge of the market both in terms of competitors and emerging trends. Tõnis was one of the key figures who successfully led the Estonian marketing field in a shift toward internet marketing solutions, a move that has enabled him to become one of the leading internet marketing (particularly affiliate marketing) experts in Estonia. I really enjoyed working with him and the many great staff members he recruited and developed. He is really one of the internet marketing pioneers in Estonia.Raido Tamar, Owner & Founder, SEO Partner (Digitaalne turundus OÜ)

Tõnis is highly experienced in the field of affiliate marketing. Since more than a decade ago, he has been one of the first experts of internet marketing in Estonia and over the years has shared his impressive knowledge for many of us in the market helping the digital marketing industry to grow.Brit Mesipuu, CEO & Founder, Milos

A professional and customer oriented approach, trustworthy and reliable.
Daniel Lumi, Member of the Board, Moneyzen

Tõnis is very easy to work with and he is one of the best digital strategist in the internet marketing I’ve worked with. He is constructive, analytical and result oriented. He was one of the trendsetters in affiliate industry in Estonia.
Aleksander Tõnnisson, Co-founder, CEO, Buildit

Tõnis is very loyal, has a smile on his face even through difficult times and his ability to get along with very different people makes him a great team player.
Epp-Kristiina Keerov, Internet Marketing & Content Strategist

Tõnis is very professional in his approach to web marketing and leading a team. It was a pleasure working with him.Henri Laupmaa, CEO, Fundwise

I have worked with Tõnis both as a partner as well as using his services for improving my companies marketing activities. He is smart, open-minded and professional online marketing expert who is always up to date with the latest news and always has an answer (and a correct one :)) for your questions.
Toomas Tepomes, Websales Manager, Eesti Energia

Tõnis is a man of his word, smart and very understandable. He is good to work with.
Marko Leppik, Founder and CEO, Wiseman Interactive

I had the pleasure to work with Tõnis several years ago when we organized and marketed different training events together. Tõnis did an excellent job as a trainer (Google Analytics, Affiliate Marketing etc.) back then and I would gladly work with him again in the future. As a person, he is down to earth, friendly, easy to communicate with and professional.
 Martin Palm, CEO, IT Koolitus

Tõnis brings a spark in projects, which put processes to work. He is enthusiastic co-creator for all things he decides to be involved with. As being able to identify and implement values which support sustainability and effectivity his ventures are thriving. Tõnis is sticking to his visions and works hard to achieve goals, which highly empowers the rest of the team and makes him a perfect role model. His warmth and friendliness put a smile on peoples faces and working with him is a great pleasure.Ott Karp, Human Design Specialist

I was very satisfied with the training. Tõnis Hinnosaar is a man with impressive knowledge. Thank you very much!” Annika Ülem, Sales Manager, Hotel Braavo

We were satisfied with the SEO consultation provided by Tõnis and are open for cooperation in the future as well.” Geroli Peedu, Project Manager in the Development Division, Estonian Informatics Centre, www.eesti.ee

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