Affiliate Marketing Services

I charge very reasonable flat monthly fees or hourly rates. AFI is based in a home office on the peaceful island of Muhu, Estonia, so my overheads are low. You get experienced expert help at great value for money. For long-term arrangement fees, I like to incorporate a performance element to incentivise me to keep making a profit for you.
  • Affiliate marketing consultations – By phone, Skype, or email… ask me anything related to affiliate marketing. Find out how to get started with affiliate marketing or ask tricky questions to fix or boost your program. Just pay for the time on a simple hourly rate. 
  • Affiliate program set up – If you want to launch a new affiliate program I’ll guide you through all the options and key strategic decisions. I can take a complete hands-on role or just be there to consult as and when you need. 
  • Affiliate marketing program audit and troubleshooting – I take a thorough look at your program from inside and out and make concrete recommendations for immediate and long-term improvement.
  • Affiliate program management – I offer to run your program and act as your in-house affiliate manager. Dealing with affiliate networks, affiliates and everything necessary to make your program a success. 
  • Landing page optimization – As you know, every detail matters when it comes to optimized customer flow and conversion. I’ll correct any mistakes on your current landing pages to ensure maximum visitor to action conversion rates. Read about landing page review and analysis packages
  • Creative services and production – Sometimes you need technical help with your website or landing pages. Sometimes you need to build something new or get a new design for banners, flyers, coupons or even print materials for offline such as business cards or posters. AFI designer can help you with digital design needs and our technologist can take care of web development. Just let me know, what you need.  We can also handle large and advanced projects using Blend IT software developers and web designers help.
  • Seminars and workshops – If you have decided that you need to bring affiliate marketing knowledge in-house to your company, then I can help to train your people. I’m an experienced speaker and trainer and have spoken at numerous internet marketing industry events, seminars and conferences. I have also lectured at several Estonian Universities and conducted many in-house company training seminars/workshops.

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